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MSK 5042

High Efficiency 4 Amp Switching Regulator For Low Voltage Applications


500 Volts,50 Amp Isolated 3-Phase Smart Power Motor Driver
MSK 4351rm.pdf

Replace The Obsolete PA21 and PA26 With The MSK184 and MSK185

Hermetically Packaged 3-Phase Brushless Motor Speed Controller Up to 55 Volts and 10 Amps
MSK 4310.pdf
SPT519 Power Ceramic Capacitors
High Power Ceramic Capacitors With a Rated Voltage up to 6300V and a Capacitance Range From 10pF To 5600pF For RF and HF Applications.
High Capacitance Ceramic and Film Capacitors
High Capacitance,Low ESR For Switching Power Circuits, Ceramic Capacitors up to 120uF,Film Capacitors up to 100uF
High Capacitance Ceramic.pdf Film Capacitors.pdf
High Voltage Ceramic and Film Capacitors
Ceramic Capacitors up to 10 000V,Film Capacitors up to 25 000V
High Voltage Ceramic.pdf Film Capacitors.pdf
PRORELSIC 145 Electrolytic Capacitors
High reliability,High temperture Electrolytic Capacitors
Temperture Range:-55°C~+125°C
Capacitance Range:6.8uF~10000uF
Rated Voltage :16V~450V
prorelsic 145.pdf
CUBISIC Electrolytic Capacitors
Low Profile,Flat design For Reducing the PCB Height Down to 16mm Temperture Range:-55°C~+105°C
Capacitance Range:1000uF~33000uF
Rated Voltage :10V~100V


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