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standard products and custom solutions in extreme temperature and extended lifetime. Include Diode, MOSFET, PWM controller, Linear Regulators, Voltage Reference, ADC, Logic Devices, DC-DC Converters and Motor Drivers.
DC brush and brushless motors, AC motors, linear actuators, etc. Used in aviation, military, industrial, medical, robotics, machine tools, etc.

High-Rel ceramic , metalized film , mica, electrolytic , tantalum , power electronic capacitors
Triming potentiometer , precision potentiometer
Slip ring
EMI filter and EMC protections

High performance Tantalum Capacitors with stable electrical characteristics and low leakage current
Capacitance range:0.1uf to 2000uf
Operating temperature: -55 ℃ ~+ 125 ℃
High reliability, high-tech transformers, chokes, power magnetics, telecom magnetics, etc.
Used for aeronautics & Defence, oil drilling, space, railways and telecom, etc.
High-quality Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors
Capacitance range: 1µ F to 2.2F  Voltage range: 6.3VDC to 630VDC
Temperature range : -55 ℃to +145 ℃ Screw terminals/ Radial/ Axial

High quality,high performance AC/DC axial , centrifugal , backward curved Fans and Blowers and related accessories.

High performance conductive elastomers?conductive tapes?knitted wire mesh gaskets?EMC vent panels ?ferrite suppression products

High reliability Amplifiers , linear and switching regulators , Motor control moduls , DC-DC convertors and CRT drivers.

high quality fabric-/foil over foam gaskets, contact springs, knitted wire mesh, conductive tapes, conductive foam, etc.

High performance,hermetically sealed,miniature Relays

Automatic Power Supply Test Systems which Test AC-DC , DC-DC , DC-AC , AC-AC Converters,
Including Some Commercial Power Supplys, Like UPS , Computer Powers.

High-reliability "full brick or half brick" DC-DC power modules , AC-DC power supplies ,AC-DC power factor correction modules and Front End AC-DC power modules

High reliability thick , thin-film hybrid circuits.
Crystal oscillators , High voltage amplifiers,Low noise preamplifiers , crystal Filters, Opto-electronic products , RF and Microwave products

RFI suppression chokes , feedthrough capacitors and filters
single-phase and three-phase filters with various mounting mode,such as PCB filters , IEC-inlet filters ,chassis mounting

Military Ceramic Capacitors(Single plate &Disc Ceramic Capacitors , Trimmer Ceramic Capacitors)
Military EMI/RFI Filters
Filtered Terminal Blocks
Filtered Assembly Plates.

Optolite clear HSR contrast enhancement filters, Optolite shielded windows, Optical laminated windows, Optolite IR. infra red filters, Conductive gasket and conductive adhesives, Polariser, Other special filters.

High efficient propellers including tractor and pusher which are made of metal,or composite and composite wood,we can offer one to six blades, low noise design and rain protection are optional.

Click the icon, browse websites for the suppliers that we distribute
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