2018-11-15 Wellking visited Kemtron at the Electronica 2018 in Munich.
2018-11-13 Wellking Electronics visited Exxelia booth at the Electronica 2018
2018-11-6 Wellking Electronics participated in the 12th China International Aviation &Aerospace Exhibition.
2018-6-13 Wellking met its partner ETRI at EUROSATORY 2018
2018-6-12 Wellking communicate with EXXELIA SAS at EUROSATORY 2018.
2018-5-23 Anaren/MSK visiting WELLKING
2018-5-9 WELLKING Attended the 11th China International Defense Electronics Exhibition(CIDEX)
2018-4-26 Wellking had a meeting with Germany MTC in H.K.
2017-10-19 EXXELIA Group Visited Wellking's Headquarters in Xi'an and Jointly Held a Technical Seminar
2017-9-14 WELLKING Attended the 4th China Helicopter Exposition
2017-9-8 MSK Visited Wellking's Headquarters in Xi'an
2017-6-21 Wellking Met ETRI at the Pairs Airshow 2017
2016-11-9 Wellking Met EXXELIA at the Electronica 2016 in Munich
2016-11-9 Wellking Met MTC at the Electronica 2016 in Munich
2016-11-8 Wellking Met Kemtron at the Electronica 2016 in Munich
2016-11-1 WELLKING Electronics participates in the 11th China International Aviation&Aerospace Exhibition.
2016-8-16 Celebrate of the 20th anniversary of Wellking Electronics - start a delighted trip to Guilin
2016-8-12 Congratulations the 20th anniversary of Wellking Electronics celebration conference & art show achieved full success
2016-6-30 NHR visited WELLKING Chengdu office
2016-6-13 WELLKING had a meeting with Exxelia at the Eurosatory 2016
2016-6-13 WELLKING met with ETRI partner at the Eurosatory 2016
2016-5-18 WELLKING held the technical seminar of extreme temperatures and extended lifetime semiconductor device with CISSOID
2016-5-11 WELLKING's successful ninth run at CIDEX 2016
2016-4-27 WELLKING will attend CIDEX 2016
2016-4-26 WELLKING and Belgium CISSOID jointly held technical seminar of High-temperature semiconductor
2016-3-29 WELLKING and MSK Jointly Organized a Technical Seminar
2016-2-16 Wellking visits Singapore Airshow 2016
2016-1-20 Training for the CISSOID products by Wellking FAE
2016-1-13 Wellking Electronics become the authorized distributor of Belgium CISSOID company in China
2016-1-6 NH Research Paid a Visit to Wellking
2015-12-4 Wellking Moved to the New Premise
2015-8-7 Wellking will attend Aviation Expo/China 2015 (16th Expo)
2015-6-18 Visit the 51st Pairs Air Show
2015-6-12 Visiting in MS Kennedy
2015-4-20 Wellking held fan products seminars with French ETRI
2014-11-29 WELLKING Electronics visited the supplier MTC in Germany
2014-11-15 Wellking attend the 10th Airshow China
2014-10-15 WELLKING held a technical seminar for the Slip Ring,potentiometer and encoder
2014-7-11 Eurofarad visit Wellking during Jul.7th~11th
2014-6-19 WELLKING visit EXXELIA Group France

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