EXXELIA Group Visited Wellking's Headquarters in Xi'an and Jointly Held a Technical Seminar
( 2017-10-19)

From October 17th to 19th  2017, 4 representatives of EXXELIA Group, a French supplier of Wellking, visited Wellking's headquarters in Xi'an. They are Cyril (Line Supervisor), Tchavdar (Technical Director), Fabrice (Asia Pacific Sales Manager) and Paddy (China Sales Manager). During the meeting, the two sides made in-depth exchange on the market support issues, and agreed that both companies should maintain a close contact, hold more seminars and product training in China to support Wellking's promotion and sales of EXXELIA products. This exchange has further enhanced the understanding and mutual trust between the two companies and played a positive role in consolidating the cooperative relationship. At the same time, Wellking is looking forward to a fruitful result of this visit in enhancing EXXELIA¡¯s influence and business growth in Chinese market.
During the visit, Wellking and EXXELIA Group have also held 2 technical seminars on their capacitors and sliprings respectively in Beijing and Xi'an. At the seminar, Tchavdar briefed the participants on EXXELIA's high-grade film capacitors, tantalum capacitors, ceramic capacitors as well as other products. After the seminar, the representatives also  clarified all technical issues with the technical personnel of our customers. These seminars has enhanced the understanding between suppliers and customers, and effectively helped Wellking gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers.


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