WELLKING Attended the 4th China Helicopter Exposition
( 2017-9-14)

On September 14th - 17th, 2017, the 4th China Helicopter Exposition was held at the Industry base of the AVIC Helicopter in the Free Trade Zone of Tianjin Port (Airport Economic Zone).

As a professional supplier of electronic components and power supply test systems, WELLKING attended this exhibition, focusing on the promotion of its agent brands, such as WEIKING from China, ETRI and EXXELIA from France, MSK and NHR from the United States, SCHAFFNER from Switzerland, Kemtron and IP from the UK, MTC from Germany, etc.. The displayed products include high-reliability DC-DC converters, pre-regulators, hold-up modules, EMI filters, transient voltage suppressors, linear/switching regulators, high-power PEM modules, high-performance fans, capacitors, slip rings, potentiometers, inductors, transformers, conductive fabric, conductive rubber, shielding optical windows, full-automatic power supply test system, and so on.

WELLKING attached great importance to this exhibition. Wang Weijing, the Chairman of the company, personally led the exhibition team of several sales professionals and FAEs to communicate with the visitors on detailed product information and related technical issues.

In this exhibition, our products gained strong interest among both domestic and foreign visitors. Especially, on the first day of the show, WEIKING's DC-DC conversion products attracted the attention of the avionics manufacturers from the UK, Germany and Pakistan. It is expected that this exhibition will lay a good foundation for the promotion of WEIKING products on the international market.


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