MSK Visited Wellking's Headquarters in Xi'an
( 2017-9-8)

On September 7th and 8th, 2017, Mr. Michael Lugert, the Business Area Manager of MSK, and Mr Anup Singh, the Director of International Sales of MSK, visited Wellking's headquarters in XiĄŻan. During the visit, the two sides strongly affirmed their good cooperation in the past 17 years, proposed a plan for the long-term stable future cooperation, discussed how to shorten the lead time of MSK products and keep prices stable. It is expected that through this visit, MSK will attach more importance to the Chinese market and work closely with Wellking to better serve the customers. In the future, both company will maintain close contact, have frequent exchange of visits, and communicate on the order progress weekly, to ensure the gradual improvement of delivery problems. We are eagerly looking forward to the results of this meeting can be fully implemented, so as to promote MSK productsĄŻ turnover growth in Chinese market.


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