Celebrate of the 20th anniversary of Wellking Electronics - start a delighted trip to Guilin
( 2016-8-16)

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Wellking Electronics and reword whole staff, the company organized a unit travel to Guilin.

In the morning of August 13rd, all members of Wellking Electronics board a flight bound for Guilin, following the lead of Director Mr.Wang Weijing and the CEO Ms. Anny Qin, start a five-day delighted trip to Guilin.

"Guilin's scenery is peerless in the world", peaks rising one after another and we are deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery. In Guilin, we are enjoying beautiful scenery and taking pictures together, we have a lot of fun with mountains and water landscapes. Meanwhile, we always care about each other and help, we are not only sightseeing the beautiful natural scenery but also experiencing the care and warm from the company.

During the tourism, we are taking photos frequently to record the charming sights and good moments. A plenty of wonderful group photos shows good image of Welling Team's unity upwards. We believe that Wellking team will work hard with full of energy to build a better further after come back!


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