Congratulations the 20th anniversary of Wellking Electronics celebration conference & art show achieved full success
( 2016-8-12)

In the morning of August 12nd, Wellking's 20th anniversary celebration conference was held at Shanglingong Hotel, each branches of Wellking electronics and all the staff from Weiking were been invited to the site.  

The conference grand opening at 9:00am, Wellking Director Mr.Wang, Wellking CEO Ms. Qin and the GM Ms. Yang had important address successively. Mr. Wang offered his affirmation and gratitude for Wellking's excellent result and placed great expectations and much hope. Ms. Qin encouraged us constantly, and also poses new objective. Ms. Yang extended her sincere wish to WellkingĄ¯s 20th anniversary as the representative of Weiking Company.

Tony Wang, the GM Technical Assistant and FAE engineer, reviewed the 20 years development course of Wellking Electronics together. It drew enthusiastic responses and prolonged applause in the site, when the old photos displayed one by one. Later on, Lei Wang and Lijie Zhang delivered speeches respectively on behalf of the elder employees and new employees, and than the prize-winner of "Wellking 20th anniversary" composition read out their essays. Next, the conference awards for the employee, which have served in Wellking more than 5 years, 10 years and 15 years.

At the end, the birthday cakes enter into the conference hall slowly. Mr. Wang and Ms. Qin make good wishes together and cut the victory cakes.
In the afternoon, the art show grand opening. All art programs are the staffs taking their spare time and rehearsed by themselves. Everyone explores full potential of artistic to present wonderful programs one after another.
Each department and every branches of company bring exciting programs, there are melodious songs, graceful dances, comical skits, wonderful magic show, the audiences are very enthusiastic accompanied by wild applause and happiness cheers. The rounds of Lucky Draw putting the spot into a very exciting and lively atmosphere.

At last, all the staff appeared on stage singing the song" Life in Blossom"together, which sing out bright future of Wellking Electronics. At this point, Wellking's 20th anniversary celebration conference and art show successfully concluded.

Let's wish for a better future of the company!




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